Upper School Admissions

Upper School Admissions

Our 9th grade is our main entry year for Upper School. We are selective in admissions and seek students who will benefit from our programs as well as positively contribute to our community.  Bay Ridge Prep operates on a rolling admissions system which means there is no application deadline, however, we recommend submitting your application in the fall prior to the intended academic year of enrollment.  


The in-person interview, if offered, will be scheduled by the Admissions Office which includes an interview and tour (for both student and parents). Depending on the application, we might offer a half or full day visit for your child.  Because we have limited spaces, our interviews are by invitation only and not all applicants will be invited in.  We will review all materials as they are received will begin to offer invitations for interviews by January (sometimes earlier).


Steps to Apply 


Step 1:  Our Admissions Process begins with creating and logging into your child’s account in Ravenna.


Step 2: Delegate 2 teacher assessment forms via Ravenna. We prefer these to come from 2 different academic teachers. You are welcome to submit a third optional assessment from from an additional teacher if you would like.


Step 3: Upload copies of report cards from the past 2 years as well as well as the current year. 


Step 4: If you have evaluations (IEP/Neuropsych eval) that are applicable to your child and will help us to best understand your child, please upload these to Ravenna.


Step 5: Submit application! Please note you can submit the application prior to having all parts complete. We will, however, wait until all materials are in to begin our review.


Step 6: If your child is invited in for an interview, approximately 2 – 3 weeks after the interview, the admissions committee will notify the prospective family of the applicant’s admission status.  If the student is accepted and offered a seat, a contract will be sent from our business office.


*Though you are welcome to send to us, no entry exam scores are required