Staff Directory

Cait Hynes first became part of the Bay Ridge Prep community in 2015 as a school psychology intern and permanently joined the team as a school psychologist for the Bridge Program and Upper School theatre teacher/director in 2016. Cait completed both her undergraduate and graduate work at Fordham University, holding graduate degrees in Therapeutic Interventions and School Psychology. Her areas of research include executive functioning, school-based supports for LGBTQ+ students, provision of psychoeducational services for low-income non-public schools, and psychoeducational assessment. She has held a variety of elected and appointed positions with the American Psychological Association, National Association of School Psychology, and New York Association of School Psychology.


As a native New Yorker, Cait has been involved with theatre companies throughout the five boroughs since childhood and can frequently be found working on productions as a performer, director, and costume designer. She is also the co-founder of a NYC-based performing arts group that uses page-to-stage adaptations as a pathway to promote literacy. In Fall 2022, she was selected as the recipient of the Broadway Teachers Workshop scholarship in honor of her work as a theater educator by the Drama Teacher Academy.  


In her free time, Cait enjoys reading, cycling, swimming, and photography.