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Prior to coming to Bay Ridge Prep, Lisa graduated summa cum laude from Carleton College with a degree in Biology.  Before moving to New York, she worked for UC Berkeley’s Museum of Vertebrate Zoology studying cooperative breeding in acorn woodpeckers at Hastings Natural History Reservation. She also holds two master’s degrees and a doctorate in Science Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. 


Lisa has taught science at Bay Ridge Prep for 14 years and has taught a variety of courses including Biology, AP Biology, Animal Behavior and Epidemiology as well as co-creating Bay Ridge Prep’s Science Research and Design program. As the science department chair, Lisa also works closely with fellow science faculty to advance their pedagogical skills and instructional methods.

In addition, Lisa teaches courses at the graduate level at Teachers College, Columbia University, NASA and the American Museum of Natural History.


Lisa also works at the national level with the College Board to develop the AP Biology curriculum and exam, serving as one of only 3 high school teachers on the Test Development Committee responsible for designing the annual AP Biology exam taken by hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. She also serves in the leadership team of AP Exam raters to accurately score AP Exams, works as an AP Mentor, and leads AP Summer Institute workshops for new and experienced AP Biology teachers. 


In her ‘spare time’, Lisa loves to run marathons (she’s run NYC 9 times, in addition to Boston, London, Berlin, Seattle and Providence, to name a few), travel the world (Galapagos is a passion but South Africa, Australia and India were pretty amazing as well) and parent a toddler (which primarily means stepping on Legos and reading lots of books about trucks).