International Student Program


The International Student Program (ISP) offers services that assist students whose country of origin is not the United States whether their primary language is English or not. The program enhances their critical thinking skills, communication skills and supports them in reaching their academic goals as well as the skills necessary for successfully studying in a foreign country.


While international students have a curriculum tailored for their unique experience studying in a foreign country, they take core subject classes fully integrated with the local student body. Inclusion into core subject classes enriches an international student’s academic experience, adding valuable social interactions and furthering language skills. Additional support is given to build on students’ knowledge of subjects related to vocabulary, content knowledge, utilization of cognitive knowledge and study skills. Accommodations such as time extension and separate location for tests will be provided as needed. Advisory and counseling groups are available to help acclimate students to their new environment in addition to TOEFL prep, Verbal SAT prep and speech and language support.


Students are encouraged to participate in sports, clubs and other extracurricular activities. International students may enjoy specialized classes that support the academic and personal growth opportunities only studying in the United States can provide. English as a New Language (ENL) classes focus on grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills that support students’ work in their core curriculum. Other classes tailored for international students concentrate on the unique character and historical attributes of U.S. culture that are integral in succeeding in academic study here. Students are given level-appropriate reading material and learn how to interpret and analyze text.