Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission 


Bay Ridge Preparatory School is dedicated to enriching intellectual curiosity, creativity, and emotional intelligence through an inclusive, student-centered community that values the talents and interests of each person.

Our Philosophy


We provide students with tools of inquiry that will promote their success in life. In addition to learning important facts and concepts, students identify and solve problems, analyze and evaluate information, and synthesize and apply their conclusions to new situations. In this context, teachers become facilitators of learning. We seek to help students attain a deeper understanding of concepts and issues that are pervasive and enduring.


We recognize that motivation to learn increases when students are confident about their abilities, advocate for their educational pursuits, and identify connections between what they are learning and their own lives. Teachers strengthen the self-efficacy of their students by organizing instruction around the variety of ways students learn, and by engaging students in integrative learning experiences that capitalize on their skills and abilities.


We value the importance of emotional intelligence in helping students create lives that are professionally satisfying and personally fulfilling. Toward that end, we create a school community that emphasizes empathy in social interactions and academic content. School-wide practices and traditions also serve to develop self-awareness and encourage social responsibility.


We believe that individuals have a greater impact on the world when they are exposed to issues that challenge their beliefs, values, and actions, and to experiences that celebrate differences among themselves and othersWe believe that diversity leads to innovation. Through active involvement in building community consciousness within the immediate school environment, students’ horizons are broadened to include issues of social justice. Students develop an understanding of the responsibilities of being citizens of local, national, and global communities.