Community Engagement

Giving Back 


Bay Ridge Prep’s school culture prepares children to act with empathy as we explore how we can collectively and individually use our talents and resources to positively impact our city and the world.  Children apply classroom knowledge and content to meet the needs of our community and build authentic, mutually respectful  relationships with others. 



  • Gain a deep understanding of the needs of others

  • Develop relationships with organizations and individuals beyond our school community

  • Cooperate to solve problems and communicate effectively

  • Identify individual passion and purpose


  • Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Food Pantry

  • Providence House

  • NYC Shoebox Project

  • Hour Children


Bay Ridge Prep Senior Projects


At Bay Ridge Prep all seniors participate in the tradition of senior projects. These projects are an opportunity for students to pursue their interests in a professional setting. Additionally, they provide experiences outside of the walls of BRP and give students a leadership role as they serve as models for the rest of the community.

There are three tracks for the senior project


  • Career Track: Projects in this track typically run like an internship, where students shadow and work on specific projects with professionals in their field of interest. An example of a past project in this track: shadowing a dentist and supporting daily tasks in the dental office.
  • Service Track: Projects in this track are centered around a community service project, where students engage with an organization or complete a self-directed project that gives back to the community. An example of a past project in this track is: delivering pantry food to homebound seniors.
  • Research Track: Projects in this track require students to develop and execute a specific research project. This includes, in part, executing an original research study and formally writing up and presenting the findings.