Support Programs

The Bridge & Achieve Programs



Bridge Program


The Bridge Program at Bay Ridge Prep is designed to address the needs of students with diagnosed learning differences. The program offers a specialized learning environment for students who are in the average to above average range of cognitive functioning and who demonstrate significant weaknesses in one or more of the following areas: language abilities, memory, attention, perceptual-motor skills, executive functioning skills and/or academic areas. 


The specific deficits can affect one or more of the following areas: the ability to decode accurately and fluently, read with comprehension, encode words, write, organize work or belongings, or engage in mathematical computations and/or applied problem solving.


The aim of the curriculum is to maximize the learning potential of each student through the development of a focused, individualized educational program within our mainstream environment. The classes are student-centered and provide a variety of learning activities that draw upon the strengths of each student.


Achieve Program


The Achieve Program is designed for students who can handle a full course load of mainstream level work but who require a light layer of assistance with issues in various areas such as study skills, reading, writing, or organization. This support is offered as a combination of classroom work and supplemental small group work. Workload modifications and accommodations such as extended time and separate location are also available as needed. Counseling and speech support are also available.


Frequent collaboration between support staff and classroom teachers is ongoing throughout the school year in order to optimize both instruction and remediation. Achieve staff also act as liaisons with parents to help facilitate communication.

During the admissions process, program selection and services are determined with a thorough review of records, including Individualized Educational Plans and psycho-educational reports. Once enrolled in a program, a profile of student strengths and weaknesses is developed, including strategies and recommendations for teachers and service providers.   


Although each application is carefully assessed determine whether Bay Ridge Prep is able to provide appropriate support, students with the following learning profiles are generally better served by other schools or programs:


  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Intellectual disabilities 

  • Emotional and/or behavioral disorders


If you have questions about whether Bay Ridge Prep can support your child’s learning profile, please contact the admission office at  admissions@bayridgeprep.org.