Lower School

The Lower School spans grades K-5 and immerses children in a curriculum that addresses the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of each student. Teaching and learning is organized around topics and activities that are meaningful, interesting, and relevant to children at each stage of their development.


Through weekly classroom meetings, Lower School students are encouraged to see themselves as important members of the school community and society as a whole. Integrated school-wide projects promote cooperation and problem solving skills and give older students leadership opportunities by mentoring our younger students.


The rich and rigorous experiences students have in the Lower School fully prepare them for the academic and social challenges of middle school.


We are also pleased to offer the option for K-8 students to enroll in the After School Care Program and enrichment activities. The program provides care, homework assistance and optional activities for Lower & Middle School students from the time classes dismiss until 5 p.m.


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Chess classes teach children to think strategically
Second graders creating in the the art studio.
Creating original compositions in the music room
Dance classes teach ballet and modern fundamentals while inspiring creativity and building self-confidence.
Children build strong relationships inside and outside of the classroom
Third graders are testing their hypothesis that more glycerin creates larger bubbles
Third graders design and build a model rainforest to teach the school community about the Amazon



Tae Kwon do is a popular after school club and physical education elective.
First grader observing caterpillars