Visit Bay Ridge Prep

Come Visit Us!


We know that the admissions process and visiting schools can be overwhelming. What we believe makes us most special is the community within our main doors (our students and faculty!) We hope you are able to take the time to experience this for yourself!


This year we are offering a variety of ways to visit the school. You can sign up for an in-person Open House, a smaller in-person Information Session/Tour or book a Virtual 1:1 Meeting.


We will cover all program offerings at these events. 



Open Houses

Our Open Houses provide an extensive way to learn about the school, meet faculty and administration, get to know our philosophy and values, as well as explore the school with a student led tour. We are limiting the amount of registrants for these events but are offering other ways to see the school as well! 


Info Sessions/Tours

Our Info Sessions/Tours are a more more condensed overview of our programs and offerings. These are offered weekly for each division and will be a smaller more intimate group. You will also get a chance to meet some faculty, get a staff or student led tour and participate in a small group discussion about our school.


Virtual 1:1 Meeting

If you cannot attend an Open House or Info Session and you would like to meet to discuss your child, we also offer Virtual 1:1 meetings with our Admissions Director. Though we will discuss our offerings during these meetings, these sessions do not replace the content of the Open House or Info Sessions, but rather will serve as a way to better learn about your child prior to applying. 



*If our events fill up, please email admissions@bayridgeprep.org so that we can set up a time that works for your family.