Welcome From Admissions

Dear Families,


Think back on your childhood. Chances are that many of your memories are set in school. It makes sense – the vast of majority of a child’s waking hours are spent in school. If you were lucky, the teachers with whom you shared your day were compassionate and inspiring, the friends you made were trustworthy and kind, and the school’s approach to education was innovative and relevant. As a parent, there is no more important role to play than finding a school that helps a child grow into a critical thinker, responsible student, and a caring person – all essential characteristics that lead to a meaningful and satisfying career and life. We invite you to consider giving your child the gift of a Bay Ridge Prep education. 


As an independent, K-12 college preparatory day school, Bay Ridge Prep has the freedom to serve students and families guided by our own mission and current research on best practices in teaching and learning without the interference of government agencies, commercial interests, or superficial trends.


We explicitly teach skills that build emotional and social intelligence which help students create healthy and constructive relationships in and outside of school.


We provide students the freedom and responsibility to pursue their interests through open ended projects, course selections and student-initiated clubs.


We emphasize innovation, creativity and practical application over acquiring rote knowledge that can be easily accessed on any digital device.


We build social responsibility through school-wide, student selected community service initiatives and projects.


We offer a full array of arts programs including ceramics, woodworking, graphic design, theater arts, music composition, band, chorus and studio art.


We value all athletes and celebrate team spirit and positive role-modeling in our championship athletic program.


We look forward to getting to know you at an in-person Open House or Info Session/Tour so that you can experience first-hand the warmth and excitement of the Bay Ridge Prep community. 




Alissa Roeder
Bay Ridge Prep Admissions