Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Bay Ridge Preparatory School provides a whole-child education in which students engage in an ongoing process of encountering, experiencing, and valuing diversity. We recognize that each student has a complex identity, and we aim to create spaces for self-discovery and candid conversation, which enable each student to thrive in our multicultural world.


By engaging and cultivating each community member’s individual talents, learning styles, and personal journeys, we actively work to create an inclusive and equitable community where each person achieves an authentic sense of belonging. Bay Ridge Prep is a community of lifelong learners, and we consider our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts as some of the most important aspects of a 21st century education.


In order to facilitate our growth as a school, the faculty and staff participate in a variety of professional development experiences that allow us to discover and develop our roles as anti-bias educators. We come from a place of learning and are committed to having courageous conversations so that we may evolve as individuals and educators. By developing an equity and justice lens, faculty and staff are better able to recognize their own prejudices and are motivated to unpack them. They are also prepared to consistently model kindness, acceptance, and allyship. Through this lens, teachers create curricula that incorporate a variety of perspectives and voices.


Bay Ridge Prep embraces social justice and aims to uphold a culture of compassion, communication, inclusion, and accountability. Our school environment encourages students to be leaders who have a positive impact in our school and the other communities to which they belong. We strive to equip graduates with an appreciation of diversity and the skills necessary for navigating a complex world with empathy and an informed point of view. Their education empowers them to meet the needs of a diverse society by embracing their critical roles as global citizens in an ever-changing world.