Bay Ridge Prep emphasizes positivity and emotional growth in a loving and nurturing environment while also providing the students with the education and skills they need for life long learning. BRP became our kids’ home away from home starting in kindergarten.”


-Stacy, mother to twins Matthew and Andrew




Outstanding schools exhibit the hallmarks of an outstanding kindergarten when they: 


Nurture children’s internal motivation and self-confidence through encouragement, choice, and opportunities for self-reflection.


Teach children to undertake long-term projects during uninterrupted Plan-Do-Review Worktimes.


Provide daily opportunities for gross motor play and physical activity.


Value an enriched and varied arts curriculum.


Explore the community together, meet different people, and utilize the city regularly to enhance the curriculum.


Foster mutual respect and problem-solving skills through modeling, class discussion, and perspective taking.



Why Kindergarten at Bay Ridge Prep?


The search for your child’s “big kid” school is an exciting milestone but it can also be very overwhelming. You know your child’s interests and potential. Your childhood memories inform what you want your child to experience in school. It is an important choice- especially since your child will spend at least six hours every day with the adults and children in the school you select.  


The  kindergarten classes you tour will almost certainly begin to blur together. You will meet many smiling teachers and see many children happily reading or building or creating.  But what about the second graders, fifth graders, and eighth graders? Are the older children just as engaged, self-possessed, and happy? 


Starting in kindergarten, your children will become lifelong learners, who will be encouraged to see themselves as important members of the school community and society as a whole. Integrated school-wide projects promote cooperation and problem solving skills and give older students leadership opportunities by mentoring our younger students.


The rich and rigorous experiences students have in kindergarten fully prepare them for the academic and social challenges of later lower school years and middle school.


Kindergarten Admissions Visit


A kindergarten admissions visit is an exciting event for both you and your child- but don’t be nervous. It is going to be a great experience. Your child will have an opportunity to work one-on-one with our Lower School Director, Kate George. Together they will build, draw, talk about illustrations, and tell stories. You will also have an additional opportunity to tour the school and ask more questions. Once your child has finished the assessment Kate will share all of your child’s work with you. This meeting parallels what it is like to be a parent in our community. Our teachers are expert “kid-watchers” and are always eager to share student  strengths and explore the most effective methods to help children meet their potential. 


We value and nurture our partnership with parents
Teachers and children enjoy literature together.
Cultivating class plants in the science center
Kindergarten student strengthens her violin muscles by challenging herself to hold her instrument for at least ten seconds during her first Suzuki violin lesson.
A kindergartener begins to write his own book inspired by a favorite author, Donald Crews.
Kindergarteners visit local bakeries and interview bakers to help plan for their own classroom bake shop.