January 09, 2023

Fifth Grade Play Leaves Audience With Meaningful Message


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The fifth grade class at Bay Ridge Prep worked diligently since the start of the school year to produce a play, and their efforts were rewarded when they performed “The Hundred Dresses” in December to an audience of awestruck parents and school community members.


Based on Eleanor Estes’s beloved book, the play follows the story of Wanda Petronski, a Polish immigrant in 1930’s small town America who longs to fit in and make friends like her peers. However, she faces prejudice and teasing from her classmates, ultimately leading her family to leave town. The protagonist, Maddie, witnesses the teasing and feels guilty for not standing up to her friend Peggy, who instigates the teasing. Eventually, Maddie musters the courage to confront her classmates and defend Wanda, ultimately forming an unlikely friendship.


“The Hundred Dresses” is an excellent example of the thought-provoking and meaningful theater performances that are a hallmark of Bay Ridge Prep’s theater program. Like many other student productions, the school community was left impressed by the performance and the valuable lesson it imparted.