May 25, 2023

Four Senior Student-Athletes Earn Tiger Award


2023 Sports Awards Night Photo Gallery


Four senior student-athletes were honored with the Tiger Award for Overall Excellence at the 2023 Upper School Sports Awards Night. The annual event, held this year on Tuesday, May 23, also saw a number of Bay Ridge Prep students honored for their spirit, leadership and skills in various sports programs.


The Tiger Award, the highest honor given to a senior student-athlete, went this year to Sienna Cruz, Kate Lynch, Isaac Altstein and Daniel Calacanis. As the award inscription reads, all four were highlighted for their  “positive character, sportsmanship, team leadership, school spirit” and being “one of the most quintessential student-athletes to grace the classrooms, courts, and fields of Bay Ridge Preparatory School.”


Other awards included team honors in the following areas:


Varsity Volleyball 
Momentum Award: Valentina Schapira
Spirit and Leadership Award: Sienna Cruz
MVP: Ryann Parcell, Kate Lynch, Phoenix Ward


Varsity Boys Soccer 
Momentum Award: Nico Bermudez, Daniel Corwin
Spirit and Leadership Award: Cy Golanski

Hustle Award: Luca Caria, Henry Jeannopolous

Striker Award: Alex Foroohar
MVP: Isaac Altstein, Caleb Zell-Ratner


Cross Country 
Momentum Award: Selina Psarras
Spirit and Leadership Award:  Cecily Veto
MVP: Wyatt Powers


Winter Indoor Track 
Momentum Award: Wyatt Powers
Spirit and Leadership Award: Noah Allbrooks
MVP: Sophia Saadi, Caleb Zell-Ratner


Spring Outdoor Track
Momentum Award: Noah Allbrooks, Andrew Betro, Matthew Betro
Spirit and Leadership Award: Alina Silberfarb, Brooke Trimble
MVP: Caleb Zell-Ratner


Varsity Swimming

Momentum Award: Andrew Betro, Matthew Betro, George Brownstein, Bailey Bartnik

Spirit and Leadership Award: Sophia Saadi

Founders Award: Catherine Mack, Sophia Feder

Grit Award: Selina Psarras

Strongest Performance: Shila Jenkins

MVP: Misha Igel-Jaiani


JV Boys Basketball 
Momentum Award: Nathan Bichler, Pearse Walsh
Spirit and Leadership Award: Ben Tsui, Alex Katsanos

Hustle Award: Nathan Winters, Graham Stoll

MVP: Yosef Reich


Varsity Girls Basketball
Momentum Medal: Valentina Schapira 
Spirit and Leadership Award: Phoenix Ward
MVP: Ryann Parcell and Selina Psarras

Rookie of the Year: Nora Driskell

Coach’s Award: Chandra Kyrwood 


Varsity Boys Basketball 
Spirit and Leadership Award: Daniel Calacanis, Arlo Reynolds, Antonio Vitacco

Blocked Shots Leader: Alan Mandalaoui

3 Point Specialist: Tachel Compton
MVP: Alex Foroohar, Aidan Maguire


Varsity Golf 

Momentum Award: Harrison Novatt

Spirit and Leadership Award: Sidney Reynolds, Nathan Winters

MVP: Michael Ryan


Varsity Boys Tennis 
Momentum Award: Leo Sturm, Xander Rimalovski
Spirit and Leadership Award: Alex Foroohar, Odin Ferguson
X Factor Award: Michael Nigri, Alex Katsanos

MVP: Sami Badre-Hume


Varsity Girls Tennis 
Momentum Award:  Derin Aksoy, Margaux Mayward
Spirit and Leadership Award:  Mikaila Batsiyan, Cara Insley

X Factor Award: Kyra Neamonitakis, Ryann Parcell

MVP: Chandra Kyrwood


Varsity Boys Baseball
Momentum Award: Henry Jeannopolous, Jack Walsh
Spirit and Leadership Award: Ryan Psarras, Iebe Manassei
Rookie of the Year Award: Nico Bermudez
MVP: Austin DeGaetano, Daniel Calacanis


Varsity Girls Softball: 

Momentum Award: Abigail Ryvkin

Spirit and Leadership Award: Kate Lynch, Sienna Cruz

The Slugger Award: Selina Psarras 
Rookie of The Year: Cecily Veto
MVP: Cara Insley, Sam Norman


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