February 28, 2023

Intersession Creates More Collaborative Opportunities


For three days in February, the entire school took a break from regular classes for deep dives into specific themes and workshops. Known as Intersession, the three-day period gave students the opportunity to collaborate with one another on a variety of group projects that brought together a range of interdisciplinary studies while also exposing students to new skills and knowledge.



At the Lower and Middle School levels, Intersession was themed around Ancient Egypt and began with a trip to the Brooklyn Museum for Grades K-8. Based on what they learned together, students then worked on group projects that included studies on the Nile River and the basis of civilization, the pyramids and math, the number system, Egyptian entertainment and Senet, Cleopatra’s journal, food and drinks such as hibiscus tea and dates, mummification, The Great Sphinx, clothing and jewelry, hieroglyphics, and Egyptian gods and goddesses.


Upper School students were able to choose from 52 different 90-minute workshops to create their three-day Intersession schedule. The workshops included a range of activities such as upcycling clothing, woodworking, surfboard building, public speaking, musical theater, math art, Lego robotics, self defense, civic engagement, wind instrument ensemble, introduction to blues guitar, rugby, sewing, crochet, laundry basics, investing and the stock market, fencing and using art as a means of activism.



The concept of Intersession at Bay Ridge Prep spawned from the Lower School many years ago when faculty were longing for something to enliven their daily routines in the middle of the cold winter months, when outdoor play is not feasible and student and adults alike are looking for different ways to socialize and engage with one another. The model became successful and has since been adopted school-wide in addition to being featured in the Fall 2016 edition of Independent Teacher, an online publication produced by the National Association of Independent Schools.


Photo Gallery: Lower School Intersession


Photo Gallery: Middle School Intersession


Photo Gallery: Upper School Intersession