Make the Most of Lower School

At Bay Ridge Prep, We’re Making the Most of Lower School


Lower School is where it all begins, and at Bay Ridge Prep we make the most of that time. In grades K-5, students are immersed in a developmentally responsive curriculum that addresses the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of each student — preparing them for the increased emotional and academic rigor of Middle School.


Making the most of Lower School means that students begin to understand how to take ownership of their education. They dive into inquiry and become confident problem solvers. With a strong emphasis on emotional intelligence and expanding their strengths, Lower School students develop confidence in their voice and abilities. They learn how to be compassionate and proactive members of a community, pushing each other to do their best — whether it be the classroom, in the gym, or on the stage.


As an independent, K-12 college preparatory day school, Bay Ridge Prep has the freedom to serve students and families guided by our own mission and current research on best practices in teaching and learning without the interference of government agencies, commercial interests, or superficial trends.

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