Make the Most of Middle School

At Bay Ridge Prep, We’re Making the Most of Middle School


A time of exponential growth and discovery, at Bay Ridge we make the most of middle school by prioritizing what middle schoolers need: a student-centered community. Our Middle School curriculum, schedule, and culture are specifically tailored to the middle school mind. With project-based learning we cultivate students’ intellectual curiosity, creativity, and collaboration skills. Capitalizing on middle school students’ natural excitement and desire to learn new things, students select their own arts electives including theater, pottery and band.


Making the most of Middle School also means catering to the socio-emotional needs of students. Our Middle School advisory program offers support, wellness check-ins, and nurtures students’ confidence. An array of clubs, team sports, and leadership opportunities are available to students, helping them forge their identity and establish a strong academic, social, and emotional foundation for the Upper School and beyond. At Bay Ridge Prep all students, no matter the grade level, develop an understanding of what it means to be a citizen of not only their neighborhood, but also the world.


As an independent, K-12 college preparatory day school, Bay Ridge Prep has the freedom to serve students and families guided by our own mission and current research on best practices in teaching and learning without the interference of government agencies, commercial interests, or superficial trends.

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