Make the Most of School

At Bay Ridge Prep, We’re Making the Most of School


At Bay Ridge Prep, the K-12 journey is characterized by an emphasis on expanding strengths and becoming conscientious members of our community. The Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools are each teaching students how to be critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and caring people. With a, fresh, student-centered approach to education, Bay Ridge Prep understands how precious those 16,000 hours that students spend in school are.


Making the most of their time in school means that students at Bay Ridge Prep are consistently engaged in thoughtful, developmentally responsive curriculum and extracurriculars. They are an active agent in their own education and over the years strengthen their voices, gaining confidence in their abilities. At each stage they are prepared for the next one, so they can be excited and self-assured as they continue to grow and learn.


As an independent, K-12 college preparatory day school, Bay Ridge Prep has the freedom to serve students and families guided by our own mission and current research on best practices in teaching and learning without the interference of government agencies, commercial interests, or superficial trends.





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A number of small group tours throughout the fall will also be available.


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