Make the Most of Upper School

At Bay Ridge Prep, We’re Making the Most of Upper School


With AP courses, independent research projects, and college-level classes, Upper School students make the most of their time in grades 9-12. Bay Ridge Prep Upper School students expand on their strengths, cultivating independence and confidence. They play an active role in designing their own course of study and become leaders in their own right by the time they graduate.


Making the most of Upper School means that students are learning how to be critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and caring people. When students have confidence in their abilities, they are able to reach beyond their comfort zones. With a strong emphasis on emotional intelligence and strengthening their voice, Upper School students leave ready to be exemplary scholars, dynamic innovators, and proactive members of society.


As an independent, K-12 college preparatory day school, Bay Ridge Prep has the freedom to serve students and families guided by our own mission and current research on best practices in teaching and learning without the interference of government agencies, commercial interests, or superficial trends.


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