Middle School Play 2023

April 12, 2023

Middle School Play Celebrates Self-Discovery

Middle School Play 2023



Middle School students staged an enchanting production of “Still Life with Iris” during a two-day run in March. The play, written by Steven Dietz and directed by theater teacher Marissa Troeschel, chronicled a young girl’s quest to regain her memory and with it her home. Iris begins her amazing journey in Nocturno, a fantastical place where all things one sees by day are made by those who live there at night. In this land, the memories of its inhabitants are held in their coats. When Iris’s coat is taken away she begins a journey to find her past. With the help of the colorful characters she meets along the way, Iris’ journey recovers more than her past. In herself, she finds strength in her beliefs and the courage to persist.; traits that eventually lead her home.


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This production is a celebration of self-discovery, the power of memory and the importance of imagination in shaping who we are. The cast of the play included:


Iris: Anna Strupinsky

Mom/Miss Overlook: Elya Zucker

Mr. Matternot: Vivian Kaye 

Annabel Lee/Bolt Bender: Lily Slotnick

Mozart: Lola Greene 

Memory Mender/Rainmaker: Brianna Nudelman

Grotto Good/Flower Painter One: Talia Bloomfield

Gretta Good/Leaf Monitor: Elli Sharp 

Hazel/Captain Also: Isabella Goldin 

Elmer/Ray: Ella Reznik 

Flower Painter Two/Miss Hertoo: Ava Gouzos 

Thunder Bottler One/Mister Otherguy: Hanna Chen

Thunder Bottler Two/Third String: Casey Frank