March 01, 2023

Parents Gather for ‘Arts Jam’ Event


The first ever “Arts Jam” event gave Lower and Middle School parents the special  opportunity to socialize while classes in African drumming, ceramics, printmaking, dance and improv. Hosted on February 16 by the Lower and Middle School Arts Department, “Arts Jam” enabled parents to get a feel for the kind of learning that happens in Bay Ridge Prep’s performing and visual arts programs. 


No experience was necessary for parents to attend a classes which catered to varying levels of expertise in each area. In the African drumming session, parents learned the basic techniques of West African hand drumming so they could play the traditional Ghanaian piece, “Kpanlogo”.  In ceramics, parents experienced using the pottery wheel, hand building and glazing. Creating custom pieces of art utilizing various printing techniques was the focus of the printmaking class. Improv allowed parents to explore their imagination while dance offered the chance to learn new steps and attend a movement class inspired by Soul Train.


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