June 06, 2023

‘Rogues’ Gallery’ Debuts to Thrilled Audiences


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Bay Ridge Prep 8th graders presented “Rogues’ Gallery”, a ‘Who Didn’t Do It?’ mystery by by Rachel Bublitz, Tyler Dwiggins, Patrick Greene, Elissa C. Huang, Ian McWethy, Jason Pizzarello, & Maria Pretzl. The show tells the story of two hapless security guards that must investigate who destroyed an art gallery’s prize sculpture – but every suspect caused mayhem that day! From would-be art thieves and confused tourists, to fumbling custodians and fiendish pranksters, rather than, “Whodunnit?”, the the better question is, “who didn’t?!”


The 8th graders, many of whom had never performed on the main stage, took on this very challenging show and thrilled audiences with their amazing performances. It was an incredible way for these students to end their time at Bay Ridge Prep Middle School!


The cast and crew included:

Lorena Avanesov: Georgia, Parker

Grace Berkovich: Marv, Visitor 1, Audience Member 3/Casey

Talia Bloomfield: Quinn, Sam, Michaela

Helena Dugan: Bones, Janice 

Vivian Kaye: Coral, Seth, Godfrey

Molly Mayward: Dara, Mimi, Visitor 2

Fraser McGraw: O’Keefe

Brianna Nudelman: Hopper

Murrow Porter: Rory, Jake

Wade Saadi: Stick, Benny, Jamie

Elli Sharp: Brick, Doris, Audience Member 1

Jonah Zablozki: Announcer, Pranksy, Alex

Elya Zucker: Ang, Clem, Audience Member 2


Backstage crew:

Micah Maynard, Anna Strupinsky, Stella Messina, Amanda Pager


Scenic Painting: 

6th and 7th grade Theatre Classes:

Oscar Brown, Julian Leibowitz, Ryan Sohlbreck-King, Roman Devitt, Wylie Frankel, Max Jung, Heath McGraw, Mikey Neamonitis, Nicholas Nicchitta, Kees Schouten


Security Station:

Sienna Cruz



Composition with Red Yellow and Blue by Piet Mondrian: Callum Osborne, Vivian Basel

Vase with Twelve Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gough: Lily Slotnick

The Scream by Edvard Munch: Maria D’Acierno, Michelle Mandalaoui

Lake George by Georgia O’Keeffe: Abby Moskalenko

Cubism Woman by Pablo Picasso: Emma Gugilev 

San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk by Claude Monet: Casey Frank, Ava Gouzos 

Blue Dog by Georg Rodrigue: Erin Hogan, Ava Gouzos 

Vase of White Lilacs and Roses by Edouard Manet: Casey Frank, Ava Gouzos

With Umbrella by Paul Klee: Abby Moskalenko, Dean Ziegler 


Special thanks: Libby Jancsy, Jonathan Colby, Danielle Staropoli, Greenwich Academy Theatre Department, Scott Tofte, Robin Reczek, Deb Brown, Julie Mayring, Charles Fasano, The Bay Ridge Prep faculty and staff, Family of the Cast, Greenwich Academy Theatre Department