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Danielle (“Dani”) grew up in Montgomery, New Jersey and is now living in Brooklyn, New York. She attended the University of Maryland where she received a dual degree in Biology and Psychology. She continued her studies at New York University and earned a Master of Arts in Teaching Biology. Dani has been tutoring for over eight years in science, math, and standardized test prep. She has experience working with students from elementary school to college age. In addition, Dani has attended STEMteachersNYC Summer Institute Workshops for the last few years where she learned from and collaborated with educators from around the world.


Dani works to implement her personal pedagogy that focuses on students actively constructing their own understanding of concepts through inquiry, logic, critical thinking and analysis, modeling, and problem-solving during classes. When she isn’t teaching, Dani enjoys traveling, cooking, discussing philosophy, and unwinding by watching TV.