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Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Nandita is a social media marketing expert and content creator who is passionate about motivational speaking and self improvement. She started out as an artist from a young age, winning awards at a national level, and eventually earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts from Columbia University.


After working in NYC galleries and a fashion magazine, she decided to shift her focus to content creation and video, following the development of social media as the newest art form. She later earned her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on marketing and brand strategy from NYU Stern and had the opportunity to work for Scott Galloway, the founder of L2 Inc., an innovative and esteemed digital intelligence firm that measured the marketing competence of over 2,000 brands across hundreds of data points, which has since been acquired by Gartner.


After graduating, Nandita launched her own social media consulting business to help brands market their products and services in a strategic way. Her clients have ranged from Corcoran to the international luxury athletic country club brand known as Lifetime. She also gained valuable experience working for a NYC based social media agency, managing world renowned clients and brands such as Hudson Yards and MAM Baby. As a social media strategist, she was able to combine creative experimentation with data analysis: taking risks and then measuring insights to see what works best.


Additionally, she creates influencer content for national and global brands in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sectors, ranging from Armani Beauty to Samsung. Through public speaking and through her personal social media work, Nandita seeks to inspire and empower others through her obsession for fashion and fitness – and through stories about her challenging childhood and personal struggles in life. 


Most recently, she decided to revisit her lifelong passion for education by joining the team at Bay Ridge Prep, where she is excited to leverage her skills to help students and the surrounding Bay Ridge community, where she also attended high school. Nandita believes that creating a safe haven in schools to foster confidence, creativity, and leadership skills in young people is the key to positively impacting society.


Nandita currently lives in Bay Ridge with her husband, her young son, and their giant tortoise.