students at art in bushwick

October 18, 2022

Students Connect Art and Literature in Bushwick

students at art in bushwick

Eighth Grade students recently took a field trip to Bushwick as part of a cross curricular learning experience facilitated by the English Language Arts and the Arts departments. In Language Arts classes, students are currently reading “Pride”, which is a modern adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” and set in Bushwick. The novel explores the themes of gentrification, identity and class seen through the eyes of the main Afro-Latino character.

Middle School teachers designed this field trip to help students have a better understanding of the setting of the novel and how changes to neighborhoods affect the residents. The trip began with a walking tour at the Bushwick Collective where art teacher Robin Reczek answered questions about the open-air gallery as the students observed the murals. The next stop was a tour of Maria Hernandez Park where students learned more about the woman who the park is named after. This valuable experience helped students connect to literature and art as well as learn more about other parts of Brooklyn.

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